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Rules for Club Championships

The championships will be decided over all meetings organised by The Fenland Grass Track Club during the year and is open to all riders who are members of the FGTC from the date they join. With sidecars, the driver will be the deciding factor for eligibility. The championships will run in the following classes: 250cc, 350cc & 500cc solos, Upright solos, Pre75 solos, 500cc and 1000cc R/H sidecars, Youth (Auto cadets, Cadets, Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors).

Points will be scored for the riders overall position at each of the meetings and these points will be added together to get an overall winner.

A trophy will be presented to the overall winner at the club presentation evening. The trophies must be returned to a club committee member by the September of the following year after presentation.

In the event of a tie in the overall results for the championship, the best result at the last meeting run will be used as a tiebreaker.

The overall standing will be announced after each meeting in the series on the web site and will be printed in the programme for the following meeting.

Rules for Open Championships

The following are open to all riders, whether club members or not.

The 250cc Solo Open Challenge Series

The 350cc & 500cc Speedway Services Open Challenge Series

The Brickhill Pre 75 Shield

The Terry Lincoln Upright Trophy

Youth Open Challenge Series (all 5 classes as above)

The Geoff Read Memorial Shield for 1000cc R/H sidecars

Fenland Grass Track Club
Rules and Regulations

The Fenland Grass Track Club was founded on 14th March 2006 with the express aim to promote and develop Adult and Youth grass track racing in the Fenland area.

The club has for itĦ¯s objectives the encouragement and protection of motorcycle interests in the district, with particular emphasis on Adult and Youth grass track racing. The club endeavours to meet the requirements of the competition rider and social member by organising various sporting and social events throughout the year. The club will affiliate annually to the ACU via the South Midland Centre and pay the appropriate affiliation fee.

Subscription and Membership.
The annual subscription fee will be decided at the Annual General Meeting and will entitle members to the various benefits attached thereto. The subscription is payable to the Hon Treasurer at the AGM held in November each year.

Anyone wishing to join the club should apply directly to the Hon. Secretary or Membership Secretary. In the case of new members, the subscription must be paid within 30 days of joining the club and no new member shall participate in any privileges of the members of the club until their current subscription has been paid.

Any member wishing to resign their membership shall give notice in writing of his/her desire to the Hon. Secretary on or before 31st December in any year; otherwise they shall be liable to pay their subscription for another year.

The club shall organise competitions open to members of the club, which can be extended to include other clubs etc. at any status for which the club and itĦ¯s officials are qualified and that the events are within the provisions of the National Sporting Code of the ACU.

  1. The club shall be essentially a members club and shall be conducted independently of any personal interests.
  2. The club shall be governed by a committee consisting of the President, Chairman, Vice-chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and members; five to form a quorum. The Committee and Officials shall be elected for the year at the Annual General Meeting. In the case of a vacancy occurring in the officers or members of the committee, the committee shall immediately appoint another person to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.
  3. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the November of every year at a suitable location within the Fenland area. Special meetings may be convened by direction of the committee on the written requisition of not less than one-fifth of the members. Fourteen days notice to be given of a General Meeting; seven to form a quorum.
  4. The committee shall at the AGM present a report and balance sheet.
  5. The committee shall not make any modifications in these rules without the authority of a General Meeting.
  6. Every member binds himself to abide by the rules and regulations of the club and also by any modification thereof, made in conformity with such rules and regulations.
  7. If any member desires a matter to be brought forward at a General Meeting, the text of such matter shall be sent to the Hon. Secretary at least 10 days before the date of such meeting, so that it may be included in the agenda.
  8. At General Meetings, whether ordinary or extraordinary, a majority of votes decides a resolution; the Chairman having a casting vote in case of even voting.
  9. In all cases of dispute or disagreement as to the interpretation of the Rules and Regulations of the club, members accept the decision of the committee as final and binding.
  10. In the event of a grave breach of the club rules and regulations, by a member, or of conduct on the part of a member rendering it desirable that he/she could cease to be a member, a meeting of the committee shall be convened, at which such member shall be invited to attend, to inquire whether a cause for expulsion has arisen or not. In the event of any member, in the opinion of the committee, being guilty of reckless driving or misbehaviour, unsportsmanlike or ungentlemanly or prejudicial to the interests of motorcycling, they shall be called before the committee. Failing a satisfactory explanation, they may be cautioned or suspended, or required to resign their membership. No member shall be expelled or suspended except by a resolution supported by at least two-thirds of the members of the committee present at the meeting of the committee.
  11. Every member shall be furnished with a copy of the Rules and Regulations together with a list of members on joining the club, if requested.
  12. The club can be dissolved only by a two-thirds majority of votes, at a meeting specifically called for that purpose. Notice of this meeting shall be given to all members in writing at least 14 days before the meeting. If the dissolution is agreed at the meeting, the committee will supervise the dissolution and any funds left after clearing debts will be paid to the ACU Benevolent Fund.


(Originated and signed by Chairman and Secretary on 14th March 2006)

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