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A conversation between 2 grass track enthusiasts about past clubs in the area and the fact that there were several local riders, set the seed to form a club. A few of the local riders were contacted in early January 2006 and showed an interest in forming a club.

A piece in the local papers, as well as in the Speedway Star, advertising a public meeting in mid February 2006, led to a meeting at a public house in March, Cambridgeshire.
Some bikes were put on display and as well as video recordings of grass track racing. The response was overwhelming with over thirty people turning up, some travelling many miles just to offer their past expertise on running a club & race meetings. The enthusiasm was such that to keep the momentum going, a club and committee was formed there and then. The Fenland Grass Track Club was born; the name being decided upon after a vote.
The original 2 enthusiasts became chairman (Gary Southgate) and secretary (Phil Taylor) and the club are indebted to these men who set the foundations for our now successful club. Unfortunately neither of them are with the club anymore

Redundant track equipment from the former Spalding & Tongue End club was located with a promise to make a donation to the ACU Benevolent fund, once the Fenland Club had some money in the bank. This was duly paid after the first season.

Articles about the newly formed club were sent to the local press along with a plea for land to ride on. Some local property developers came forward with the offer of some on the outskirts of Wisbech and the committee decided to push forward with a race meeting as soon as possible.
Due to a fairly full fixture list elsewhere, a Saturday meeting in early June 2006 was decided upon, although this nearly back fired when after everything was put in place it was discovered that it clashed with England's first game for the 2007 football World Cup.
The meeting was a success despite burning temperatures leading up to and during the meeting coupled with fierce wind cutting across the field.

Many people came forward to help the newly formed club including trophies and shields donated from the former Hunts Falcon and Navenby clubs.
The committee decided to use these for the club championships and an awards evening was held in November that year to present them.


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